Monday, April 24, 2006

baby mj

Woo hoo! A cause for celebration: a baby gift is done! And even better, it was all knit out of stash. Inspiriation for these gifts come from the Mason-Dixon gals and their fabulous new book. The top row is two bibs, not made from Handknit DK or Denim, but some spare balls of now-discontinued Weekend Cotton. I've done a couple of projects from it, and completely understand why it's not made anymore. Having it removed from the stash really lifted a dark cloud off of my shoulders. I just need to put a little bit of velcro on the tabs to hold them shut.

The bottom two items are the Baby Genius Burp Cloths, from stashed Peaches 'n Creme. Likewise, using up any item purchased at a Walmart makes me feel good too. I purchased it when my conscience was undisturbed by Walmart (yes, it's been sitting around for quite a while), and I'm happy to be rid of it! Thankfully I now know the direct source for dishcloth cotton so I won't have to support the evil empire.

One baby down, a zillion to go.

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