Thursday, April 27, 2006

el presidente

(Must. Solve. Weird. Photo. Problem.) No, it's not a mojito, although that does sound really good. The next time Hubby and I are driving through the south Bronx (this weekend, actually) we should stop at one of the fruit stands and get some sugar cane. Although it should warm up a bit before the mojito mixin' really gets going.

So anyway, I decided to pay homage to the baseball players of Cuban origin to watch the Yankees take on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (expansion teams suck). While I'm not sure if there are any Cubans on either team right now, the El Presidente sounded interesting, so I gave one a shot.

It's mainly rum, with a little bit of dry vermouth and Cointreau, finished with a dash of grenadine. The resulting drink looked like a Cosmo, and was an entirely skipable cocktail. Of course, that didn't stop me from having two. All of the ingredients were unpacked from the cabinet, and each drink was only two ounces... so it makes sense, right?

Craziness abounds because it's actually the end of the semester, and lots of academic writing awaits me. I'm also trying to help launch a new software program at work, keep up with my regular duties, and not let the latest bout of insomnia get me too down. Much fun at Casa YaC. But tomorrow will feature a loverly post about a crazy gift from Claire. (I know, I owe you a phone call. Just as soon as I finish this bit about the Hillarycare health care reform package of 1993).

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miss88keys said...

YUMMM!!! Alhtough I usually prefer a margarita... Unless I'm out of one of the ingredients & then who knows what new cocktail I might invent!