Saturday, April 15, 2006

whoops, i did it again

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, what's better than heading to your LYS and stocking up on some fun little items? Nothing! Did the champagne tasting at the wine shop affect my judgement a little, because it's common knowledge that I don't need any new yarn? Maybe. I went to the shop to pick up a #7 circular needle, as the heavy Susan Bates metal needles that I have are killing my wrists. Of course, they didn't have a #7, so a #6 will have to do. Really, I went with the intention of getting a needle. That's all I was going to get. Really really.

The orange and purple Koigu was too fabulous to pass up; you never know when it's going to disappear forever. Into the shopping bag. Oh, and there are some blue shades of Cotton Classic, which I'll need for the log cabin blanket that will go into production in the near future. And Yay! They have a nice green Zara to match the leftover purple skein that's at home already. Wow - the Mission Falls 1824 Cotton... great for the LMKG baby hat. Must get one. And then there was that Classic Elite Star. It's cotton with 1% lyrca, which gives it an amazing spronginess. Fun colors, too. Since it's all-baby, all-the-time here, it was almost a necessity.

I beat Hubby in the impulse purchases this afternoon by $20. By beating, I mean spending more than him in the wine store, of course.

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