Tuesday, December 05, 2006

comfort knitting

I was sick on and off for many weeks this fall. One day, when my head was really stuffy and I couldn't breathe, and couldn't function at work, I came home and settled in for an afternoon on the couch. In assessing my knitting options for the sick day, I knew that I wanted yarn thicker than all of the socks I've been doing, and also thought that something destined for a very hot water bath was an equally good idea (given that I was a germ factory). Burp cloths came to mind, and I settled in with my cotton and Addi Turbos. It was so nice to work with fun colors, and see the fast production that come with size 6 needles. The ultimate in comfort knitting, from Ann and Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting.

On a different topic, isn't Studio 60 getting better? I did replay the bit when Danny (Bradley Whitford) popped out from behind the screen to say, "We're having a baby?!" about a dozen times. It was so silly, and hilarious. BW needs to get a character that gets out of the office more, though; it's his second ill-advised workplace relationship in a row! Find a nice girl at Starbucks or the Coffee Beanery or something. (What is the name of the LA coffee place/chain that I've heard about? The name is related to coffee or tea... can't remember.)

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