Wednesday, December 06, 2006

dulaan finale (for now)

It's the first really cold week we've had in New York this season, so I think it's time to unveil my collection of Dulaan items. Four hats, one scarf, and one neckwarmer. This is the ultimate good-for-the-soul knitting. I loved holding the thick wool and stitching up warmth destined for chilly Mongolians. Most items are kid-sized, but the red hat is pretty large. I have a very significant circumference, and it fits me just fine.

Everything was knit in either Lamb's Pride Bulky, or Valley Yarns' Berkshire. I had all of this in my stash from a year or so ago, when I thought that felting was my new knitting technique. It finally hit me that I didn't want felted bags, and so the yarn has been hanging out in the stash. I'm very happy that it was repurposed for such a good cause!

All of the hats have double-thickness at the base to protect foreheads and ears. I used Ann Budd's basic hat pattern for the technique (one purl row to encourage the first two inches to fold up). I'm going to do a couple more items before the end of the year, including some mittens with more Lamb's Pride Bulky that is a dark gray-blue - perfect for hand coverings, because a little grubbiness won't show!

Thank you, Ryan, for coordinating this project.

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miss88keys said...

Wow! You've been very busy! Everything turned out beautiful!

Don't you just love charity knitting? I'm going to try & do it all year long!