Tuesday, December 19, 2006

finished socks!

My nasal issues are staging a comeback, so this might be even more disjointed than usual.

I wanted to use up every last bit of time off from the office, and since we are closing for the year on Thursday, I had to get moving and take my 3/4 of a personal day today. I chose to spend my personal time grafting up some socks. I really dislike grafting, but will admit that it's getting easier. Below are my two success stories; koigu and regia.

I started out the afternoon by finishing the toe to my second Trekking Jaywalker. Yay! Only 14 stitches to graft for these!

And they look pretty good here, huh? Except...

I seem to have stopped about two inches short on the foot for the second sock. Tonight's mission is to pick apart the grafting, and frog back to the pattern. It could be worse, of course.

Hubby just handed me a glass of wine. I can't smell a thing, but know that it's red.

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Anonymous said...

I mean this in the most complimentary way, but I think you might be able to make some money off of those orange socks with a Grateful Dead fan. (Or maybe get some weed?) V. psychadelic.
The brown/purple ones are pretty. And I admire your patience to undo that. I'd be inclined to say 'f. it' and deal. Which is why you've been way more successful in the knitting field and I'm still in scarves. :)