Wednesday, December 20, 2006

wednesday ramblings

I'm very sad that I missed the opportunity to eat here. I was enthralled by Calvin Trillin's profile of the place from 2002, and walked by it a number of times over the summer (I had a class nearby). Of course, I'm willing to follow Calvin Trillin just about anywhere, and eat just about anything he recommends. He has a new book out, which I'm almost sure to pick up before the end of the year.

The Trekking sock surgery went well; undoing the graft was easier than expected. I knit through the attached yarn last night and was going to proceed in attaching the skein again, but thought that I needed to be more alert to check the length. Tonight, hopefully.

On a side note, I just called to order a plant for my grandmother, who's moved out of her house and into an adult-care facility in the same small town. I placed the order, and told the florist my grandmother's name. The florist said, "And she's at East Road now, right?" and by golly, she is. Hopefully my good granddaughter deed will spread through the town as quickly as the move did. Cities have the same small town deal, just condensed and less personal. The coffee cart guy and Starbucks folks knows my order before I arrive at the register, but they certainly don't know my name. The same, but different.

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