Friday, December 01, 2006

still around...

I think that I need to try and find this bar, wherever it might be. If I saw this sign, I would totally go inside. The real problem is that I haven't seen the camels out and about in the morning since before Thanksgiving. I miss them; the trailer is outside of Radio City, and they aren't inside... so where are they? Life is a mystery.

This is, um, weird.

But Gilmore Girls cracked me up this week.

I haven't been home when there was daylight in a long time, but tomorrow should offer the opportunity to take some pictures of my recent knitting. And winter weather will finally have arrived! Yippee!

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Anonymous said...

People trying to make someone like Jeffrey Sachs president doesn't seem weird to me. I mean, the USA has ignored issues like world poverty, AIDS and sustainable development for far too long. Who knows whether he could win or not, but i would like to see his voice added to the mix.