Saturday, December 02, 2006

lilly's sweater

And so: the backlog is attacked.

Here we have the little Baby Kimono, from Mason-Dixon Knitting (everyone's favorite 2006 knitting book release! Well, mine, at least.) This version is done in Cascade's Pima Tencel, which is conveniently machine washable (I think I forgot to add that, Melinda). I made it 25% larger than written in the pattern, because I was late in getting the gift started. It's really soft, and I think that I like babies in dark colors, just for something different. The front pieces have a little decorative yarn-over to soften up the edges.

It's a fun pattern, and the very little finishing required gives it a big thumbs-up from me. So how about sharing some shots with Lilly modeling it, huh? We haven't gotten a picture email in quite a while. ;)


Melinda Dobson said...


miss88keys said...

I LOVE your version of this sweater! I started one in the cotton recommended in the book, but I just didn't think it was soft enough for a baby. I'll definitely have to get some of the yarn you used!!

That ribbon is the PERFECT accessory too! GREAT JOB!