Tuesday, May 15, 2007

baby blanket progress

I'm heading off to New Orleans* for a conference for a few days, but I'm not bringing the baby blanket (too heavy for that heat and humidity!). I've made good progress and should have it finished for the shower on Sunday. (Thankfully, Hubby's helping a friend out for the day on Saturday, so I can sit and knit for hours!) I need to finish the in-progress yellow, do another yellow, then two green, and two red. Totally doable! I really like this blankiet. It's going to be hard to gift...

*My hotel is just a few blocks from Quarter Stitch, and I'm skipping the lunch session tomorrow to go over and shop.


Brenda said...

The blanket is turning out so well! Have a great time in New Orleans!

~Kristie said...

You're making great progress on that! I don't blame you for not taking it to NO. The socks are a much better idea!

Make sure you share your adventures at the Quarter Stitch. Yarn shop reviews are always appreciated just in case I travel somewhere.