Friday, May 25, 2007

the first embossed leaf

I finished up the first Embossed Leaf sock today. I think that it's going to be a while before I start the next one. While I liked the pattern, I couldn't get the row gauge, and then had to do a short and stumpy toe. It also just doesn't fit my foot very well. I assumed that I wouldn't love it (I'm not really a lacy sort), but I did think that I'd consider keeping it. Perhaps it will be happier after a bath.

It does look better on the foot. The yarn is from Shelridge Farm in Ariss, Ontario. I got it at Rhinebeck in 2005. It's 100% wool, and I thought it was superwash, but turns out not. When I purchased it, I remembered thinking that it was a Koigu clone, but it's really not. There is very little sheen in the color, which is pretty flat. But I do think that it was quite affordable...


Brenda said...

The sock looks very pretty on your foot, and the yarn is a lovely green. Kick back, have a cocktail, and then see how you like the sock!

Enjoy the weekend!

~Kristie said...

It looks so beautiful. Sorry to hear you're not liking them though. :-(