Saturday, May 26, 2007


It's nice having friends who regularly travel to far off places. Especially when they bring back yarn. One of the two people who brought back the crazy silk yarn from Nepal just went to Japan. And she brought me more yarn!

The orange and green wool is called Gerbera (color 9, 50 grams, 80 meters). I assume that it does the usual Noro striping thing, but I haven't seen this in the US. The crazy yarn is called Hotaru (cotton/poly, 50 grams, 85 meters, pink=color 24, blue/green=color 20, and the orange/purple=color 22). Any ideas on what I should do with this? I'm at a bit of a loss, but thing that I'll swatch some up for kicks and see what happens. I think it says to use a size 9 to 11 needle, but my Japanese isn't the best. ;)

The yarn was delivered in a beautiful silk bag, which M said was very popular in Japan.
It rolls up for easy storage, and has a loop sewn in to hold it together in the mornings (presumably), and then can open up for carrying home dinner fixins! I used it for carting around the log cabin blankie. I'm going to try some sewing soon, and would love to make a pattern for these bags. Is that too ambitious?


Stephanie said...

I just saw a very similar roll-up shopping bag in the checkout line at Fairway - I think it was this one. Not as pretty, but very functional.

Brenda said...

How great to have friends who bring you yarn! I like how the bag rolls up for storage. Very neat.