Tuesday, May 01, 2007

april wrap-up

-Three skeins* (or so) of Cotton-Ease in various colors for the blanket, and
-Two skeins of Knit Picks Gloss for gift socks.

To try and see how I can decrease all my stashed Cotton-Ease, I went through some old Rowan magazines to look for some All Seasons Cotton patterns. I think there are some good options for the miles of bright red that still remain. And I've designed the next baby blanket, which will eat up a bit more.

And it's not really stash,** but I made two Dulaan hats in Patons SWS picked up at the Harlot Represent event.

*These stinkers are huge. Huge.
**But it's still yarn that entered the house. I'm not speaking about my weekend purchases. Yet. But it's really pretty yarn, and I"ll have to talk about it soon.

(I forgot to post this yesterday. So Happy May Day! Go and hug your favorite worker. And remember: Mission Accomplished! (4th anniversary)).

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~Kristie said...

4th anniversary? What am I missing? Are my blonde roots showing again?

I figure as long as your destashing the old stuff when new stuff is coming in, you're fine.