Monday, May 07, 2007

a post in two parts

(Thanks so much for the good wishes! I'm still on cloud 9.)

The first part of this post was supposed to be a question: what do you think of this design for my next baby blanket? It's inspired by the quilt Pig in a Pen, from the Gee's Bend quilt exhibit. Is the center of the blanket OK?

Well, after I took the picture, it was time to go out. When we returned late in the afternoon, I found an invitation to the baby shower for the blanket receipent. It's on May 20. I really thought that the wee one wasn't supposed to arrive for weeks and weeks, and that I had plenty of time to make her blankie. So, like it or not, I knew that I had to get cracking. As of this morning, here's where I stand:

Whaddya think? Is it OK?


Brenda said...

Fantastic start! Such bright, happy colors! I like your color placement. Knit on!

~Kristie said...

I LOVE it! The colors are great and I think the babys parents will be thrilled with it! Knit on!

By the way, that's a clever way of utilizing the Excel program. I Love Excel, but I never thought of it in knitting terms.

Claire said...

I like it too. Fun colors.