Wednesday, May 30, 2007

really: no more yarn buying!

When in New Orleans, I thought that I needed to do my civic duty and go shopping. As soon as we broke for lunch, I took off down the street for Quarter Stitch. It's a pretty small shop, half yarn and half needlepoint.* There was very little sock yarn, which is my typical go-to for vacation yarn shopping. The store also organizes much of their stock by color. Perhaps I'm easily confused, but that method doesn't really work for me.

*Which are completely beautiful, but why does it cost so much for a machine-stamped piece of canvas? I guess one could say that about lots of things, but they just threw me a bit.

However, I did find a bundle of 425 yards of a slightly-varigated cotton/rayon blend that was dyed by Quarter Stitch. The colors really fit with my wardrobe. However, I think that I'd like to make a garment, as opposed to a shawl. Knitters, what do you think? Is that even possible to contemplate without exposing waaaaay too much, or looking all mid-80s? There was no gauge, but it looks like it would need at least a #10 needle.

Or should I call them and ask for another bundle and plan to make a full sweater?


Claire said...

Just FYI, I think the Republicans brainwashed you. This is like the second time in 10 days you've mentioned shopping being your civic duty. I wholeheartedly support it -- don't get me wrong -- but they only want your tax revenue. Pretty purple though.

Brenda said...

Lovely purple! I think the yardage will depend upon how big you are. There are a lot of pretty vest and shrug patterns out there. Lace Style has a very cute short sleeve shrug to wear over a T that I think uses a yarn like that.