Saturday, May 05, 2007

i'm done!

It's over! I just emailed my final exam to my professor. I can hardly believe it. School has been such a huge (ginormous - these are the words you learn in fancy graduate school) part of my life over the last three years. I can do all of the things I like to do (read FICTION!, knit, bake, go to museums) without guilt for ignoring my studies.

In less than a week, I'll be decreed? annointed? bestowed upon? handed? my Masters' degree. I picked up the cap and gown earlier in the week, but didn't really take it out of the bag until just now. The instructions say, "Upon receiving your gown and academic hood, you'll want to put it on to admire your distinguished and refined look. Once the gown is on, the proper wearing of the hood is an essential part of the overall prestigious look." Oh, yes. That's me all right. Distinguished, refined and prestigious. All in one package.

However, the instructions don't fully explain how to wear the hood so you don't look like you have a purple tail. The wearing of the academic hood was never covered in my coursework. Hopefully some of my more clever classmates will have figured it out. Or the internets will help.


Brenda said...

I don't know how the hood works as I skipped the graduation ceremony (having finished 4 months on either side of a grad date). But, Congratulations, Abby! You deserve a big, good drink!

Claire said...

CONGRATS GRAD! Nice posing of the purple gown in the purple room, btw.

Cristin said...

A hearty congratulations! How satisfying to have finished. Love the purple/turquoise combo on the hood.

~Kristie said...


I can't wait to see grad day photos of you in your "distinguished gown with the purple tail".