Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new year!

Yay! The sweater is blocking! The sweater is blocking! Judging from the very rainy and foggy January 1 we are experiencing, it's going to be a few days (at least) before it's dry enough to start sewing together. The pieces bathed in some of the "celebration" Soak, and turned the water a very bright red. I'll aim to have it in wearable condition by next Sunday, because sadly, I have to return to work tomorrow. I love the woman of leisure thing. But: Hubby and I are going on a weekend jaunt to San Francisco at the end of next week, so I'll have short weeks at the office to ease into the new year. What shall I bring to knit on the trip? Hm... With the new version of Blogger, I put together a knitting queue, in hopes of keeping fun projects in the front of my mind.

In other news, today we learned that some dear friends are moving to northern California. Sigh. However, we are also expecting (hoping) for a significant change ourselves over 2007, which means that I'm jumping on the

bandwagon. Here are my rules:

1. Vacation purchases don't count (it's a souvenir).
2. No buying sale yarn (I don't knit it any faster).
3. The project term shall extend from January 1 until July 31 (guilt-free buying before my birthday, and hopefully we'll be moved by then).
4. If a specific gift is required and I really don't have the yarn in stash, I can buy what I need (but need to keep in mind that I've got almost two boxes of baby-type yarn already).

My resolve is already being tested. This morning I got an email from a sort-of local yarn shop that is closing, and of course, having a large sale. Gah! Rule #2! Must resist! But seriously, I have way too much yarn, and moving it would be no fun at all. We need to purge, and this is a good way to start.

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