Wednesday, January 10, 2007

jaywalkers finished!

My Jaywalkers are finished! Yay! I don't know why and how they took me so long (except that I finished the foot too soon on one of them), but I'm eager to start wearing them. I liked the Trekking so much that I've already got another skein in my stash. I think that the pattern goes really, really well with this yarn. Thanks so much, Gumperina!

(Apologies for the poor picture, but the sun wasn't really up when I left this morning.)

So, last night's House finished a terrible story arc that's been dragging on for months. I understand that they needed to address the drug addiction, but the Detective Tritter ("Shitter" by those at TWP) character was so poorly constructed that I just wanted it to end. House was triumphant at the end, of course, and I was just so happy to see Tritter GO AWAY. And now we have to wait three weeks for a new episode!

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miss88keys said...

I would've never thought to combine Trekking with the Jaywalker pattern but it turned out FABULOUS!