Tuesday, January 09, 2007

moral outrage

I find what gets my neighbors all riled up so funny.

I broke my pledge to not start another sock until the 2006 batch was finished. We are heading to San Francisco on Friday morning, and bringing a black sock along on the trip just wasn't inspiring. I felt that I needed a pink sock, and happily I anticipated this need during our Germany vacation. I taught myself the toe-up method last night, and it's really easy! Unraveling the crochet chain took much longer than it should have, and I just need to figure out the trick to getting that to zip away. New socks! Yay!

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Claire said...

I'm a hearty proponent of the train drinking, we have it in Chicago too. And here it's not just for suburbanites, there's a whole crew of us who work in the 'burbs and have our 5 pm beer on the way back to the city to go home. What better way to decompress so you're not bringing all the work stress home to your unsuspecting significant other?