Saturday, January 06, 2007

record-setting day

I had nothing to do with the record setting, but it's 70 degrees in Central Park, and that's news. Due to the high temperatures, I have not made any progress on the drop-stitch sweater... but tomorrow's another day! I might make my goal for this one.

What I did accomplish was a little baby gift for a new little baby. No pictures, because Hubby has the camera, and the surprise would also be ruined for Claire. The gift took a little bath in some lavender Eucalan, and should be ready to head for Chicago on Monday.

My other accomplishment was to clean out the shoes in my closet. This year is all about purging Stuff. I found the Declutter Calendar link on someone's blog, and got me a copy pronto. Not that I'm following it, but crossing off something feels good, even if it isn't today's task. I found four pair to donate, and four grocery bags of shoes to toss. More more more!

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