Friday, January 19, 2007

the state of my confusion

I really wanted to finish the birthday gift for my MIL last night. I would feel so accomplished! What a great end to a so-so day!

But I couldn't wrap my head around how to finish the darn thing in a square. I'd started the scarf on the airplane out to SF by casting on two stitches, and increasing one at the end of each row. I figured that it was time to start the decreasing, but HOW?

Sadly, I was so allergy-ridden and headachy last night that I couldn't make the connection to DO THE REVERSE OF WHAT I DID ON THE OTHER END, e.g. decrease one stitch at the end of each row until there were two left. I need to crank that higher brain functioning into action before class starts on Monday (except this situation didn't really call for higher brain function - just the basics). Wisely, I left the scarf and went to watch the musical episode of Scrubs (which was so great, wasn't it? I'm such a musical theatre geek). On the train ride into work this morning, I figured out what seemed so impossible only 10 hours before. So I'm off to finish.

(Blocking and details to follow.)

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