Tuesday, January 23, 2007

we are strong

The State of the Union isn't going to happen for a couple of hours, but based on the number of leaks coming out, we aren't going to have any surprises. Yes, the State of our Union is Strong. As Jon Stewart pointed out last night, it's always Strong. I remember Bill Clinton saying that, too, so the very unoriginal opening isn't exclusively a Bush thing.

In my Public Economics and Finance class (taught by the head of Clinton's economic team, and Kerry's chief economics advisor), we talked about the significant tax break for those who receive health benefits through their employer. I don't remember the exact figures (and could dig out my notes if you'd really like Furman's take on this progressive (and that's a word you don't normally hear about Bush!) tax), but we wouldn't have much of a deficit if it was implemented. We didn't discuss the conditions that are going to be proposed in the State of the Union, but it sounds like that makes the tax much less equitable.

Did you know that if an employer extends health care benefits to domestic partners, the employee has to pay taxes on that non-cash payment transfer? Humpf.

And no word on the foot.

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