Wednesday, January 17, 2007

we're back!

I finished one sock on our way to San Francisco, and started a birthday gift for my MIL. I didn't do much knitting on the trip, but made good headway into the United States of Arugula.

The highlights:
-learning that kumquats are a wonderful little fruit
-excellent wine, and visits with winemakers
-a visit to Artfibers, and a splurge to get me through KFYS 2007
-the deYoung Museum, where we spent too little time
-coming home to a warm and toasty apartment because I finally shut the windows for the season

The lowlights:
-expecting temperatures that are seasonable for SF, and not being prepared for the cold
-realizing that we don't have something as great at the Ferry Terminal Market, which we loved
-this walking tour (a couple of steamed buns does not a banquet make)
-arctic weather upon returning home

We didn't take many pictures (my hands were stuffed in my pockets for most of the time), but yarn shots will follow on Saturday when we'll hopefully have light.

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