Friday, January 05, 2007

listage #1 for 2007

1. As Kate Sullivan on the morning news said, "I just feel better knowing that there are guys like this walking around." And then there are these two as well! (I was also a good samaritan today, but not in the manner of throwing myself in front of a subway car or noticing, then catching, a falling baby. I saw a pearl on the bathroom floor at work, and brought it to the reception desk. Turns out another of the receptionists had lost the pearl earlier, and was very distraught about it. Yay me! In a very small way.)

2. I've seen lots of people getting excited about the challenge of walking 100 miles before April 1, and discovered the Google Pedometer (very cool tool). Turns out, that on an average business day, I walk 3.67 miles getting myself between home and work. So I'll hit 100 miles in the first week of February. I never realized how far it was. That justifies all of the Dansko shoes, I guess.

3. I made two hats this week, one for me and one for Hubby. They are Asymmetrical Cable Hats from Leigh Radford's One Skein, done in two shades of Rowan Polar. First: love the pattern. Easy to memorize, and oh-so funky and off-kilter. Second: I now know why Polar was discontinued. There's almost no twist to it, and I snagged partial loops more than in any other project. We were wearing them for a while last night, but since winter is the new summer, it got pretty warm. However: two skeins of stash used!

4. I did not achieve my goal of finishing 12 pairs of socks in 2006. Ah well. I'm close, and will finish soon. I want to play with some of my other sock yarns, but I'm not allowing myself to do so until I finish the three in-progress pairs.

5. Finally, to round out the randomist of posts, I must say that having one's annual performance evaluation in Starbucks is rather distracting. But far worse is having one's annual performance evaluation at Starbucks with a star of Guiding Light (my soap from high school) sitting at the next table, listening to the whole damn thing. Most bizarre, but he looks much older than his 48 years. Ha!

Tomorrow: seaming my sweater.

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