Thursday, February 08, 2007

bebe chapeau

One more baby present: finished! A co-worker's wife just had a little girl, and last night I found this hat that I'd made a while ago. It's some leftover sock yarn, 60 stitches or so (?), and a three-needle bind off across the top. I couldn't decide how to finish the hat, and thought that pom-poms would be cute. I still think that they would be cute, but I have a mental block on how to make them. So I whipped up two tassels, tied them on, and voila! Baby present! It took a bath in some lavendar Euculan, and I think it's much softer as a result. The office party will probably be on Monday, so I have some time for creative wrapping.


Claire said...

SO CUTE. Love the model too.

~Kristie said...

That's so stinkin' adorable! Since my sister is having a baby in a few months, you've given me an idea to help use up some of my leftover sock yarn!

Claire said...

Upon looking at your picture again, I have noticed a perhaps unintentionally sinister note: why did you pose teddy bear, with a sack over his head, right by the knives? Is he going to the executioner??? What crime is teddy guilty of?