Friday, February 23, 2007

getting my groove back

(Poor quality cell phone picture again; sorry.)

I'm trying to get back in my knitting groove. Step 1: Forget those black socks for now. It's just not working for me, and it doesn't matter. Knitting is for fun, and fun I shall have. Step 2: Grab needles, and just start. I knit a new black mitten last night (it was too dark to photograph this morning). It isn't perfect, and I'll probably redo some of it, but it got me going. Step 3: Start a new sock on the train. It's the cool Rhinebeck yarn, in the IK Fall 2005 Rib and Cable. I had to make a few changes, including making the pattern repeat one stitch bigger. I knew the yarn needed size 0 needles (and every I do is on two circulars, until M teaches me the magic loop), and my feet require at least 64 stitches. So I think that I'm back in business.

Do I dare knit during the Knicks game tonight? I think that we are sitting fairly close to the home bench.

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~Kristie said...

Better a cell phone photo than no photo though, right?

Knitting during the Knicks? Hmm.. that's a tough one! If you do though, make sure you take a photo. I'd like to see you try & knit during the game.