Friday, February 02, 2007

san fran pinko commie socks

All blocked and finished are my first socks of 2007! Started around the time of our trip to San Francisco, these socks were comforting and just what I needed. I've conquered toe-up socks! I love it! The only downside to these socks were the pooling issues. (I can't make out which one has the really bad blue stripe on this monitor, but trust me: it's bad.) In closing, I'd like to point out that this Regia Crazy Color is truly crazy, because this is not how the socks are supposed to turn out. See Bonne Marie's? I'll post a picture of the sock as it appears on the ball band as proof. These are wacky little socks.

Since stockinette socks are all I can manage right now, Hubby's new pair is in Regia Strato Color. I know exactly how these will turn out!

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~Kristie said...

CONGRATS on conquering the toe-up socks!! I don't think they look crazy at all .. they look GREAT! But most importantly, are they comfy?