Wednesday, February 21, 2007

wednesday wednesday

I had a lovely breakfast at Tisserie this morning: a latte and guava & cream cheese chasson. And the Times dining section and a walk through the Union Square Greenmarket (still there, even in winter!). Sadly, my lovely little breakfast was followed by a dreadfully boring professional development session. Work would have been preferable. (I took the picture with my phone - not bad, right?)

My knitting mojo seems to have disappeared. I've been carrying around my Regia Silk sock for three days, and haven't knit a stitch on it. I'm trying to be good and finish those before starting something new, but frankly, I'm having none of it. I also foresee some gauge issues on the new socks, so that's preventing me from getting going on those too. Further compounding the issue? My zipper arrived and is a horrible, totally non-matching color for my sweater.

Long and short of it: lots of work and school are overloading me, and I'm just not going to be knitting very much in the near future. :(


~Kristie said...

I've never heard of a chasson (am I too sheltered?) but it looks absolutely delish!! Pretty damn good photos for a camera phone.

I hate it when the Mojo disappears. Good luck finding it again. Hang in there!

I belong anywhere but in between... said...

i have never had the patience to do one thing at a time - i usually and flipping between three - one always being the blanket i have been working on for almost a year!
Have fun