Sunday, February 18, 2007

Two more hats for the Dulaan box! I was able to use up the remaining yarn from the drop-stitch sweater. By the time I finish Dulaaning I might need a bigger box. A few days ago, a guy on the train started talking to me about knitting. He proudly sports a garter stitch scarf from Lion Brand Suede. He said that his daughter started the knitting club at the local high school, and that they do a lot of charity knitting for a nearby hospital. I suggested that if they'd like to include a little international flavor, they should consider Dulaan. He didn't seem that excited about Mongolia, but a couple of days later he told me that his daughter was very interested. I passed my card along, and hope that I'll hear from her soon. So great!

And speaking of great, when can I call Claire to offer more coherent congratulations? This time zone thing is very challenging!


~Kristie said...

Good For You! It must feel great to have a box full of items to send.

I belong anywhere but in between... said...

Found you playing around with blogger - I am a relatively new knitter. I see that you you are good with socks - question for you knit them in the round or with (all those terrifying) small needles?
I LOVE sock yarn but I am terrified to try, mostly due to all the frusterated people I have encountered in knitting classes!