Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the good and the bad

Good: Snow! Pretty floaty snow on Sunday night!
Bad: It's reduced to inches of slush by Monday morning.

Good: I love my rib and cable socks, and they are a joy to knit. Sometimes you just have to jump in and start something new.
Bad: There's not much time available for knitting.

Good: My dinner of cottage cheese and baby carrots last night was tasty and affordable.
Bad: It was eaten on a bench in a hallway with pictures of NYU's many Nobel laureates. Their smug sense of accomplishment was mocking me. I knit after eating to spite them. I'll bet none of them knit.

Good: In the next year, four sets of people that I really like are getting married.
Bad: No bad here, since it none of them know each other and I can wear the same dress/outfit for each event. And of course, I'm very happy for everyone. But not having to shop for clothes is a big plus for me.

1 comment:

~Kristie said...

You make me glad nobody I know is getting married this year. Although, if I do knit a lace shawl, it would be a perfect item to wear to a wedding. Oh well.

Cottage cheese and baby carrot dinner? Sounds like diet food. Are you on a diet or is this an actual dinner thing you like?