Friday, March 09, 2007

breaking news

While this will be interesting only to me, really, it's very important in my narrow world-view. The Supreme Court of New York just decided that the renovation of Washington Square Park can move forward. I really don't care about the renovation itself, but this means that, in all likelihood, my commencement ceremony (the university-wide one) will be held in YANKEE STADIUM in May. I can hardly contain my glee.

I really hope there will be beer, peanuts, and hot dogs sold during the ceremony. How great would it be to have the speakers interrupted by continual calls of "Bee-yuh hee-yuh!"

(Post #200: whoa.)

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~Kristie said...

I think that's so COOL! So will my husband since he loves the Yankee's. In fact, the day he proposed, he was wearing his Yankee's jacket.

Make sure you get lots of great stadium commencement photos & post them.