Monday, March 12, 2007

monday listage

(Spoiler alert for the Amazing Race below.)

-It's really lovely outside. Central Park (pictured above) doesn't have any green yet, but there were tons of people enjoying the warm weather.

-My friends got back from Nepal, and brought me some crazy silk yarn. I'll take pictures tonight with a real camera for tomorrow.

-It's Spring Break this week. It's likely my last Spring Break ever. For my first Spring Break in a really long time, Claire and I went to New Orleans. I've been glad we made that trip pre-Katrina, because the experience of driving through the residential neighborhoods on the way to the airport (just like every other tourist) made the devastation much more real. I'm going back to NO for a conference in May.

-During our dinner with E. on Saturday night, I learned that I don't complain about school and schoolwork very much. I complain in my head all the time, so with less than two months to go, I'm going to start vocalizing those feelings more.

-After visiting with my friends and one-year-old, just-walking-this-week buddy in Cobble Hill, we went over to the Brooklyn General Store. Very interesting shop, they sell Morehouse Merino (!), and had the Addi Turbo needle I wanted. Friendly people, too! A big thumbs up. No yarn purchases, though, because I can't call a trip to Brooklyn a vacation.

-While Rob and Amber were in the process of getting kicked off the Amazing Race last night, he said something about hating to be a loser. I was engrossed in Clapotis, and belatedly commented that as a Red Sox fan, he must be accustomed to losing. Hubby's response: "I wondered when you were going to make a crack about that."

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~Kristie said...

You're so funny! I love your comment about Rob.

I was in New Orleans in 1987 (senior trip) and haven't been back yet. I want it to be as I remember, so I may wait a few more years before taking hubby there with me. He's never been there.

I'm excited to hear about your silk yarn!