Wednesday, March 07, 2007

a clapotis grows...

Here's the start of my Clapotis! Thanks to Kristie's instructions on how to do a smaller Clap, it seems that doing the rows 1-6 at the end of section 2 are really important. They are specifically included in the mini version, so they must be vital in a way that I can't yet see. Therefore, I'll do them.

The yarn is from Oak Ridge Yarns in Putney, VT. I found it at Rhinebeck some years ago. I originally bought it for a scarf pattern they displayed, but then decided it was too highly variegated for my taste in that design. After I saw the Clapotis pattern, I thought that the two were meant for each other. In the summer of 2005 we were going to be passing through Putney during vacation, so I called to see if I could swing by and buy two more skeins. Oak Ridge was going to be away, so I got two more skeins mailed to me.

Once, when I was at the Point NYC in the Village, I heard some knitters talking about how to modify the pattern for different yarns. Someone recommended splitting your yarn into four lots: one for increasing, two for length, one for decreasing. It looks like that will work out perfectly for me. I should be able to eek out the last six increase rows from the first skein. The only question that remains is the consistency of yardage in small-producer yarns. I've not had great experiences in the past, but might pull out the digital kitchen scale tonight to weigh and see what I've got.

All in all, a very fun pattern, and certainly will be finished for the June 9 wedding! Why didn't I do this earlier?


~Kristie said...

That yarn is PERFECT for the Clapotis. I'm glad my email was of some help to you, but I love the idea of splitting the yarn in 4 lots. That is brilliant.

I'm so glad you're knitting this and you'll be thrilled that you'll have something gorgeous to wear to all those weddings.

Claire said...

What is a clapotis?