Saturday, March 24, 2007

clapotis fini!

For all of you wondering souls, here's my finished Clapotis, taken out for a spin at the New York Botanical Gardens this afternoon. I love it. It's soft and warm, and there's only two little bits of color pooling, which I can totally live with. I got to use a pattern that I've been holding and yarn that has been marinating since 2004. While it won't serve the original purpose of wedding shawl, I'm really happy with how it turned out. A woman complimented me on it while we were in the Orchid Show. I was pleased as punch.

What was I doing out when there's so much school work to be done? I had a little breakdown/panic attack this morning, and declared myself unfit to write. My equilibrium restored, I'm going to read for a while... which should segue very nicely into a much-needed nap. And hey: spring is here!


Brenda said...

Lovely clapotis! Very nice colors. I am glad your equilibrium has been restored. Flowers and growing things are good for that I've found.

~Kristie said...

That is absolutely stunning! The colorway is beautiful and now you're making me want to knit another one.