Sunday, March 18, 2007

clapotis update

It's really close to being done, so I didn't want to display Clapotis in its full glory yet. But it's a very addicting knit. I am a bit concerned about the length, but I'm not ripping the entire thing either, so I'll make do with what I've got. Scarves always stretch, right? In any case, I think that this won't be the wedding shawl for 2007. It went so fast that I should have time to work up the Shetland Triangle before June 9. Fingers crossed...

How's that Masters' thesis project going, you ask? Shush, say I.

1 comment:

~Kristie said...

So I'm stupid or weird or something. I actually tried to "touch" your Clapotis through my computer monitor. I couldn't help it. It looks so soft. I can't wait to see this completed. It's really stunning!