Thursday, March 15, 2007


The first rib and cable sock is finished! I even grafted the toe together tonight, to make the picture extra special! And so it's an actually completed sock. I believe that I pledged not to do sock-in-progress pictures, so a gaping toe just wouldn't do. I haven't followed the Nancy Bush pattern; I could not, for the life of me, figure out the heel instructions, and the toe looked odd in the pattern, so I've substituted a short row heel and wedge toe.

I've enjoyed the cabling without a cable needle very much. So zippy! So ideal for train knitting! I can race myself to finish an entire repeat on each train trip, because the counting is very simple. Daylight savings time means that it's still a tiny bit light when I get home, but I can't capture it... so crappy pictures will have to do. There will be a better photo shoot when there's a pair.

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~Kristie said...

Good for you for substituting the toe and heel! My favorite thing when I rewrite a pattern for toe-up is to do the toe and heel that I like. You kept the integrity of the pattern by keeping the same cable stitch design and I think it looks fantastic!