Monday, March 26, 2007

most boring knitting ever

And I am completely in love with it. Yes, I'm knitting a big stockinette rectangle in Cotton-Ease.* It's the best. I only have to think for 4 stitches out of 128 (switching to knit on the last 4 stitches of the wrong side to maintain the garter border). But all that discontinued Pistachio is a touch dull, right? Especially for a Manhattan baby with very hip parents?

Have no fear: it's going to turn into something like this blankie on the left. I think that I'm going to be more free-form on the stripes, for two reasons:
a) I don't like counting.
b) I like the funkiness of random stripes(very Gee's Bend, don'tcha know?).
Since this is my at-home project, I thought that I would start with a new color whenever I sat down. If I only got four rows in, then that would be a nice skinny stripe. If I could watch a whole movie, then we'd have a big chunk of color.

I've got two blues, yellow, and orange for the stripes... and I think that I'm going to order some of the new Violet Cotton-Ease to finish it off. It needs a warm color for some balance.

*I have an enormous stash of Cotton-Ease. I was hoping that this baby blanket would use up a good bit of it, but this rectangle is one skein, and it measures 14" by 20". Smiley's always has it for at their Yarn Riot for $6 per 3 ball bag. How could I not take as much as I could carry?

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Jay said...

Abby.....what size needle did you use for the blankie? I got the Cottonease in the new colors and they are great. I started mine and it looks alot tighter than yours. I am using #7 needles, maybe should be 8 or 9?