Friday, June 23, 2006

drinks round-up

The Dining section of the paper had some interesting pieces about drinks this week. Of course, I had to read the one on cocktails
first. I did try the passion-fruit and ginger syrup in a little drink this week. I used two ounces of vodka and half an ounce of the syrup, gave it a good shake, and poured it over some ice. (Nice home-freezer ice, too.) The syrup was very sweet, and didn’t need any simple syrup at the end. The vodka’s edge drowned out the ginger component of the syrup, which was disappointing. I’ll have to figure out something else to try next.

Keep your fingers crossed for the Spin-Out. Rain or shine, Hubby and I are going to go! Neither of us know anything about spinning, but I’ll bring a sock along to keep me company. It looks really cool, and I’ve always admired the bags of raw fiber at Rhinebeck. I’ve never seriously thought about trying to learn, because (a) I already have too much yarn, and (b) not enough time to knit, let alone spin what I need to knit. Maybe Hubby will decide that spinning is his craft of choice… and I’ll get the best of both worlds!

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