Thursday, June 22, 2006

identical twins

I shouldn't be so proud of this, but I'm really tickled that I managed to get the repeats on the second sock to match the first one. I just couldn't figure it out for Hubby's second sock. He reminded me that he rarely stands with his feet right next to each other, so it really wasn't such a big deal. He's got fraternal twin socks. I think that these are going to go to a friend for her birthday, which is next Monday. I don't know if they will be mailed by then, but it will be close.

On another topic, would anyone care to share their experiences with Audible? I'm trying to figure out the different options and what will be best for me. I'd like to get unabridged books so I can multitask and improve my mind and knit at the same time. Getting the CDs from the library and loading them onto my iPod is a bit of a pain. Is it worth it?

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