Thursday, June 29, 2006

weekend update

So. Where’ve you been?

You know. Around.

Pretty lame excuse.

Yeah. There’s rain, then heat, and rain and heat together.

Certainly lame.

And fretting about impending doom w/r/t the big scary multiple regression exam.

Oh, boo hoo.

Well, we are camping out in the big city for the weekend, going to Coney Island and out for fancy dinners. That’s interesting, and won’t involve school.

Better. A weekend update on Thursday? Any pictures from the Spin-Out to share?

Yeah, a couple. It was fun, and I spun some truly bad examples of yarn. I think that I should just knit with unspun fiber. Hubby was much more proficient.

I sense some other underlying issues. Anything you’d care to share?

Well, post #100 is approaching really soon. I feel like I should plan something to celebrate, but then, I basically only do this for myself, so what should I do? Get a really froofy drink at Starbucks instead of a plain latte?

Hey, you’ve got three subscribers in Bloglines… that’s something.

I’m one of them.

Well… Celebrate post #123 as an occasion if that makes you happy.

Sounds like a plan. Celebration forthcoming.

1 comment:

Claire said...

Hey Chin Up, Little One! I thought hubby's greater proficiency at spinning was part of zee master plan!

What cocktail do you suggest as appropriate for celebrating post #123?

And since you're my cocktail expert, is there any cocktail that works with cream soda? I have some IBC Cream Soda and I was thinking it'd be a neat base for a fizzy Fourth (of July) cocktail. What say you?