Monday, June 12, 2006

sock-of-the-month club

While regular life seems challenging enough on most days, I’m going to issue myself a little knitting challenge. It’s time for my very own Sock of the Month Club. Not just a sock, but a pair of socks per month! Woo hoo! With classes slowing down, and the desire to carry big knitting projects around with me fading as the temperature rises, it’s time for socks. It’s a belated New Year’s Resolution: knit 12 pairs of socks during 2006.

I’m a little behind, but where’s the fun in being exactly on schedule? So far this year, there are two pair completed: the autumnal Koigu and the Retro Ribs. That brings me up through February.

Then there are two socks that are nearly completed: hubby’s blue and tan, and my gray and pink. And because I decided that another pair of Addi size 1s were needed for me to really complete the Sock of the Month Club challenge, I’ve started another set for me, in this extremely wild Regia cotton. Hubby’s second sock is a bit delayed because I’m trying to figure out the repeats in the yarn so they can match. I don’t know I can’t get it, but once summer class #1 is over, I’m sure that it will be much easier. So I’m up through the end of March, basically. No sweat. By the end of June I should be through April’s socks, or maybe even May's. Totally doable.

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