Tuesday, June 20, 2006

for my constant commenter

The monstrosity that caught your interest is two blocks away from the entrance (that I use) to Grand Central. There are usually a few people looking in the windows, so I guess that cats appeal to some. ;) They might appeal to me if it were not for the could-kill-me-in-an-hour-fur that cats have. But I took a couple of pictures this morning just for you.

On my way home, I saw that the doors were open, and I suppose that I could have gone in and walked around a bit. However, I wasn't brave enough to do so.

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Claire said...

I had NO IDEA this place was REAL! I thought it was a studio somewhere in the hills of SoCal.
You can walk in tOo!@!!!??!!??? Are you kidding me????
Your reader thanks you greatly for this reconaissance. I understand that you wouldn't go in, all friendship has its reasonable limits, and death by cat fur is certainly one of them.