Friday, June 30, 2006

week in review

Thanks to the start of Summer Fridays at work, I got to finish up some lingering projects. My New Orleans Malabrigo scarf from One Skein has been patiently waiting to be blocked for a couple of weeks. Since the humidity is at its lowest level in weeks, I decided that blocking it NOW was imperative. After a quick soak in the bowl to the salad spinner, I laid it out for a stretch.

I don't have blocking wires, and thought that string might help, and I was pretty pleased with how it worked. Not perfect, but it really helped to get the edges straight and tidy. After we return from the city I'll unpin and promptly fold up for the fall. I'm very pleased with this beauty, especially since it looks like it just needed some nudging to open up and show off the ribbing. The cable on one side is very cool, and the colors are fascinating. The left-overs will make such a lovely baby cap.

Speaking of babies, another one was born into the friend-ily yesterday. We've got a little girl this time, and I'm really debating what to make for her. She's a Southern lass, so it's got to be lightweight; time is short around here, so can I commit to making a blanket? While little baby clothes are so darn cute, I get a little sad thinking that they'll only be useful for a couple of months at most. So a blankie is looking more likely. Also, big brother got a blanket on the occasion of his birth, so fair is fair, right? Don't want to be responsible for starting up sibling rivalry so soon!

I also finished the toe on a Regia sock, which means I've gotten through five pairs of socks in six months! I'm well on the way to success in my personal sock challenge. Sticklers will note that the socks aren't exactly finished, but mustering the courage to graft 30 stitches or so takes some time. They are darn close, and that's good enough for me. I plan on taking two skeins of Koigu along with me this weekend, and hope to get a good bit done while we are "away". The subway to and from Coney Island is a looooong trip.

I'll be back with lots of pictures on Tuesday.

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