Sunday, June 18, 2006

my weekend

To start, I finished a little baby hat. I call it Lettuce Head. I just knit a tube, and then gathered the bound-off stitches and tied them together. The color and top remind me of a new head of boston lettuce. It will soon be headed out to a new baby. Of course, it's dasterdly hot, so luckily it turned out big for wearing in the fall.

We got this bottle of passionfruit and ginger syrup in a new chocolate shop in Cold Spring. I'm trying to figure out how to use it in a drink, and will experiment later in the week. I think that vodka will probably work best.

More strawberries! Last week's berries weren't the greatest, so I only got a pint. These are fabulous, so I'm regretting the decision. But there will be more next week.

Good luck on Monday!

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Claire said...

I was so sad when I sliced up my grocery store strawberries today, after seeing your last post with red-all-the-way-through strawberries. Being raised a city kid, I didn't realize that they could be that red right to the middle! I must find a farmer's market in my neighborhood too.