Saturday, June 03, 2006

things i love about summer

(This is going to be a short list. I'm a winter kind of gal. Easier to wear wool.)

1. Farmers' markets arrive in little parking lots. You can find eggs from real chickens, talk with farmers that actually know what their cattle ate before they ended up in plastic pouches, and vegetables that were in the ground in the very recent past. Some of the veggies actually have real dirt on them (like our radishes)! The veggie options are still fairly small, but the greens are starting to come up; we've got arugula and spinach for the weekend.

And strawberries that are actually strawberry-colored all the way through! After being reminded of how good strawberries can actually be, I can't believe that I have those styrofoam things from God knows where in other months. Summer fruit makes me want to bake like crazy, even though the sweltering kitchen makes me crazy. I'm so ready for the other berries to arrive... but patience is a virtue, and the raspberries and blackberries will be worth the wait.

2. School vacation! Eventually! Papers on Afghanistan continue. The more I read, the more hopeless I feel.

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