Saturday, June 17, 2006

field trip

We look a nice little trip to Cold Spring, NY this afternoon. The scenery was great, as was the browsing in antique shops. We had lunch at a little place called Le Bouchon, which was good. Sadly, they didn't have any Rose on the wine list. It was a big shame... french bistro fare in the summer and no Rose to be had?

Reports of the yarn shop in town were good, and I'm happy to say that Knittingsmith lived up to the hype. There were lots of tweedy marvels on the shelves, but the promised high of 90 degrees meant that I couldn't get too excited about them. I fell for this wool, and had to get a little. It's two-ply and very loosely spun. The owner of the shop suggested that it would be good for gloves or fingerless mitts. I'll be happy to let it age in the stash for a while.

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